This is a change to the shootplan


The Wedding Shootplan is a document that your media team uses to understand the flow of your day and when and where to prepare for coverage. 

Your Wedding ShootPlan is not your wedding day itinerary.  

Hello Future Bride and Groom!

We are excited about being selected as the media professionals for your big day.  We understand that the planning process can be challenging and we want to ensure that your investment in our services meets your expectations.  In order to ensure quality service, please review the information provided in this letter and submit to us 7 days in advance of your event. It is critical that we review all schedules to ensure that it corresponds with your service contract and that the necessary resources are available to you.  Please work with your planner to finalize this wedding day “MEDIA-SPECIFIC” timeline. If we do not receive your timeline within 7 days of your event date, we cannot guarantee resources for any adjustments that may fall outside of the contracted coverage hours and coverage will be assigned based on the signed agreement.  Please review your service agreement carefully.  Do not assume that your event is the only event scheduled for that day.


***  “Media-Specific” timeline submissions that are different from your signed service agreement shall REQUIRE APPROVAL FROM ARTSGROUP.  Timeline coverage changes are NOT guaranteed until ArtsGroup signoff (usually within 3-5 business days).


*** All assignments must consider a transition time of at least 15 minutes.   While your times WITHIN your contract period are estimated, your start and end times should be definite.  Travel time between sites should also be considered when developing your Media-Specific timeline.


*** In the event of schedule adjustments on wedding day, extensions may be requested.  Extensions are not guaranteed by ArtsGroup. However, if approved, CLIENT will be billed the next business day in accordance with service agreement.


// Preparation //


·       Clean room and prepare items for photos (remove tags, pins, etc.)

·       Hang your dress on a nice hanger in preferred location

·       Limiting the amount of people in your preparation space provides your media staff the necessary room to shoot attractive photos

·       Always provide room numbers in advance of wedding day if possible (for restricted access, please make arrangements with front desk or provide escort)


// Ceremony //


·       If the location where you are exchanging vows is obstructed with flowers, people or other items, it could be difficult to photograph 

·       Using a professional event decorator/florist is a strong recommendation

·       If there are photography restrictions, let us know immediately




// Formals & Group Pictures //


·       Large wedding parties (20) may require more time to shoot.  Don’t forget that the official wedding party includes parents, grandparents, flower girl and ring bearer

·       Providing an on-site planner to bring wedding party to shoot location immediately after ceremony helps us stay on schedule



// Reception //


·       Coordinate with photographer just before introductions.  Please notify if there are any special entrances

·       Is your cake in a dark corner or against a wall with minimal light?  Ask your caterer or event designer for lighting options (remember, you’ll be taking pictures with the cake)

·       Reception time flies!  Make sure you plan for photography of important reception highlights (special dances, cake cutting and/or other special moments

Primary Information
Please include the name/title of the event (e.g. Sharon + Lonnie Wedding 9/14/12 OR Johnson - Smith Wedding)
Date *
Please provide the estimated number of guests that you will have at your event.
"DAY OF" contact phone number *
"DAY OF" contact phone number
Please include the BEST phone number the DAY OF your event. This will be number that our staff will contact upon arrival.
Please include the number of bridesmaids (DO NOT INCLUDE BRIDE)
Please include the number of groomsmen (DO NOT INCLUDE GROOM)
Please Combine both Bride & Groom Parents
Please select the color that is "closest" to your PRIMARY wedding color
Do you have a limo? *
Pre-Ceremony Activities START *
Pre-Ceremony Activities START
Preparation time for all ArtsGroup staff NORMALLY begins at the SAME TIME. IF CLIENT WISHES TO DO PRE-CEREMONY FORMAL SHOTS, client MUST allot an additional hour PRIOR to ceremony to support request. For additional customizations, please consult ArtsGroup before submitting form as additional charges may apply.
Ceremony START *
Ceremony START
(includes coverage of entrances, documentary/candid capture of all ceremony sequences and exits of wedding party)
Formals/Groups START
Formals/Groups START
NOTE: This is normally covered at the same time as the cocktail hour. Basic formal coverage includes over 30 different combinations, mixtures of people included in your wedding party, in additional to on-the-spot requests from Bride and/or Groom. Please allot at least 1 hour for Formals/Group pictures.
Reception START *
Reception START
Reception END *
Reception END
Please ensure that ALL reception activities that you wish to be captured ARE SCHEDULED BEFORE YOUR HOURLY CONTRACT EXPIRES. THIS ALSO INCLUDES EXIT SHOTS. Time extension "on-site" are NOT guaranteed and additional charges will apply in accordance with your contract.
Pre-Ceremony Coverage
Please include FULL ADDRESS of where BRIDE will be STEPPING into dress prior to ceremony. Normally 1 hour is ample enough time to capture basic items such as dress, flowers/bouquets, rings, shoes, and other intricate moments that will take place WITHIN prepping area. IF YOU ARE HAVING A FIRST LOOK, AN ADDITIONAL 30 MINUTES MUST BE ADDED TO YOUR PRE-CEREMONY COVERAGE. CONTACT STUDIO TO DISCUSS.
2nd shooter coverage (if included in contract)
If client wish 2nd shooter to cover GROOM PREPARATION + PRE-CEREMONY DECOR, Groom MUST be located at CEREMONY location. Please select one.
Please include FULL ADDRESS. 2nd shooter normally is assigned to capture pre-ceremony decor and details of the CEREMONY site. Client must clearly clarify 2nd shooter focus. If Client wishes GROOM PREP & CEREMONY DECOR to be captured and GROOM & CEREMONY are located in SEPARATE LOCATIONS, a 3rd shooter ($75/hr) will be required (3 hour min). If Groom Prep and ceremony are in SAME LOCATION, 2nd shooter will spend 10-15 minutes prior to CEREMONY start to document GROOM activities.
Ceremony Coverage
Please include FULL ADDRESS. If same as preparation, please enter "SAME"
Ceremony Plan
Formals/Group Pictures
Formals & Group pictures normally take place immediately following the ceremony. However, occasionally some couples wish to take group pictures prior to ceremony. If Formals & Group Pictures are requested PRIOR TO CEREMONY, client MUST allot at least 45 minutes in additional to minimal hour preparation coverage.
Please include FULL ADDRESS. If same as preparation, please enter "SAME"
Additional Information
Please list all social network identities that you would like to receive advance portfolio samples for sharing with friends and family (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). Note, most clients are fans or friends of our firm and photographers and sharing may occur. If you do not wish to have your advance images shared with you and your friends, please indicated below with DO NOT SHARE MY IMAGES. If you opt not to share, images will be remain on the regular turnaround time of 30-60 days and cold be delivered earlier or at max time based on studio schedule.
Guest Meal & Break *