It's true.

The wedding photographer is one of the most important supporters of your big day.  While we capture the essence of your day, there are also planning efforts leading up to your special event.  Then, AFTER the wedding day, time is devoted to image processing allowing us to create a unique portfolio specially designed for YOU.  Once you begin your journey with us, you'll have the assurance of working with an experienced and dedicated team of professionals that will provide a proven project management process to ensure top quality in your final product.  

Check out our 4 basic steps



1.  workspace

Once booked, we create a workspace for each client that has all of the delivery items included in your service agreement.  This allows clients to manage and review tasks, meet the pro media team assigned, as well as make payments on your flexible schedule.  Workspaces are normally created within 24 hours once you are booked.


2.  scheduling

We immediately look at dates and begin planning tasks such as engagement shoots, pulse checks, delivery dates, timeline review.  Our system ensures that nothing is missed and also provides a schedule for us to create material needed to promote your big event.


3.  event time

It's time to make the magic happen.  You've planned and it's now time for all of the hard work to pay off.  Your media team is on site and ready to rock and roll!




4. post magic

We work long hours ensuring that your portfolio has the ArtsGroup standard and is delivered to you on engraved USB Flash Drive for easy access and long time storage.  During this phase, you have opportunity to create PhotoBooks  and order other items for friends and family.