I really don’t care how my pictures look....
— no one ever

Image Processing

We provide all image portfolios on a laser engraved DVD and are sequenced by folder in the order that they were captured.  Your portfolio will be easy to navigate and we provide compression on all images for easy sharing with friends and love ones.  All images are untagged and photo releases are standard in all of our packages.

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PhotoBook Design

Once you've reviewed your portfolio we provide a design service that make it easy for you to receive a professional photobook.  Flexible options available.

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Video Processing

Our videos are one of kind and processed once song selections have been received by client.  Videos are provided on a DVD-video format and also via online download.  All videos are a 7-12 minute highlight reel based on the amount of content that is captured on your event day.  Client receives one - pass review and video is hosted online for 2 months for client.