Waiting on Autumn

I normally don't get a few minutes to reflect or even share what "we" photographers think about before we get to a shoot on time (which is early or us). 

As the weather starts to change, the leaves around us are starting to turn into an amazing array of vibrant reds and oranges.  The colors, when sent to the client, should not be muted but instead illuminated to give it an amazing pop. Today's sessions in around northwest DC should provide our clients with spectacular images. 

On the flip side, with fall also comes dropping temperatures, so weathering the chilly atmosphere is something that photographers sign up for.  Posing in cold weather can be hard which is why I understand why models can get paid healthy tariffs for being ready year round for shoots. While we certainly want to make sure we have the poses right, the photographer has to have nerves of steel at times which allows us to control our equipment in all weather conditions.  I've even wondered what it would be like one day to shoot in the rain (as I love rainy days). Anyhoo, a few random thoughts.

With 4 engagement shoots today, I'm expecting a bit of everything and always ready for the challenge.

See you guys on the flip side.




Johnny West

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