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Myth:  My cousin/friend is a DJ that has done big parties and club scenes.  We'll just get him to "hook us up" for our wedding day.  

Truth:  Your cousin or friend is probably a great DJ for the types of events that he does.  Most DJ's that do parties and clubs cater to a few specific types of music and excel in that arena.  Club environments are normally the party crowd and the DJ is responsible for working the crowd with the latest and greatest hits.  What the DJ doesn't normally worry about is profanity in records or the need to play to a certain set of songs. Additionally, this is your cousin or friend probably doesn't have insurance, liability or a business process for you.  We've seen countless friendships broken up over incompetent vendors whom "were hooked a friend up".  Your wedding DJ is a generational DJ that understands the professional standard for ensuring great musical entertainment for your event day.  


Disregard any notes underneath this sentence.

These are some cool little things that I'm working on as part of a 'what type of DJ do you have"...  not sure how to implement it yet but wanted to get the words down somewhere.

DJ and Dance Instructor - This is the DJ that comes out on the floor and wants to teach guests how to dance and normally gets in the way and embarrases themselves as he's trying to dance and talk on the microphone at the same time.

DJ Hype Man - This is the DJ that shouts and indicates how they are about to make sure everyone is about to have a good time 100 times in a row.  Not a moment passes by when they make an announcement which is distracting from your guests having a good time.  We've seen guests literally say colorful words to the DJ to just please play music without the yelling and hollering over the music.

DJ Request - This is the DJ that plays any and everything that guests will bring to them

DJ Pirate - This DJ is that DJ that hasn't paid for one song in his system.  Great... you are spinning illegal music at your function

DJ Blender (almost) - This is that DJ that can't blend music tracks correct or places incorrect songs in places

DJ Profanity - Remember that word that your mother thought she'd never hear your wedding?  There are several DJ's that will disregard requests for clean music and brush it off as a mistake.  Interestingly though, after that mistake and the clients anger towards them about it, their music play list is limited to a few hundred songs.

DJ Technical Difficulty - You ever had a DJ where the equipment completely shuts down?  Say hello to DJ Technical Difficulty an they do exist

DJ Grooms Friend- Hi, My name is DJ Grooms Best Friend.  I've known my boy since we were 12 years old.  I got him.  He has nothing to worry about.  I know exactly what I'm doing.

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