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Contacting us the best way to understand what your day's media requirements will be.  We have years of experience in working with clients and can determine how much coverage you'll need based on the requirements of your event day.  Schedule a consult with us!

Determining your budget and reviewing our prices are highly recommended.  

Schedule a Consult with us so that we can determine your media requirements.

Once contracted, we coordinate planning activities to ensure that nothing is missed.

Event date is here.  Let's get to work! 

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Other notable features

Non-Profit Organization

All payments made to ArtsGroup and ArtsGroup Divisions are tax-deductible.

Flexible Payment Schedules

Paying for your wedding shouldn't create a hardship. We're flexible.

Certified Project Managers

Experts in Customer Relationship Management, task driven.

Veteran Owned Business

Serving has been a duty.  Please support us as we continue to serve.

Experience Media Managers

99% uptime and triple redundancy so your images and video is safe and accessible.

Master Graphic Designer

Get more out of your book with graphic design services.