Dominican Republic, Mexico, Paris, Bahamas, Canada, Europe, Hawaii 

No Problem.  We've Got You Covered

Many resorts provide 1 photographer that is contracted through the resort to provide coverage of your ceremony and sometimes your reception.  Resorts typically contract with local photographers to include in a resort package for you.  There are various conditions of the package to include:

Restrictions of bringing your ArtsGroup photographers

Resort fee for bringing outside or personal photographers

Sometimes you only have your ceremony covered

Additional charges for sunset and beach shooting

Expensive print packages or CD only

No social sharing

Incompatible Photographer personality

Inexperienced shooters or no control over WHO your photographer is

No guaranteed service


We understand.  These are the conditions that we are aware of.  Allow us to show you how you can eliminate these fears by bringing your own ArtsGroup photographer.  Our lead photographer, Johnny, has provided service for several destination weddings around the world and understands the hassle and fear of not having WHO YOU WANT to photograph your wedding.  

How do we do it?

It's simple.  We basically review each destination wedding request to understand your total cost and adjust our pricing to photograph beautiful locations around the world.  That's pretty much it.  We focus on YOUR total out of pocket expenses and create a comprehensive package that is comparable to if you were getting married in your home town.  




Resort Fee for bringing your own photographer? It's too expensive to bring our own photographer. It's too hard to plan.  I don't know if our photographer will do some of the adventurous things we have planned.  I wish I could share some of our activities with my friends and family back home.

No Problem

Allow ArtsGroup to show you how you can get the most out of your fantasy honeymoon vacation!  Introducing concierge service from the moment we arrive to the time we leave.  We simply do not leave any event that you have planned over the course of your destination wedding uncovered.  


Benefits Include:

Multiple Days of Coverage

Concierge Service

Social Sharing

Extended Shoots

Adventures welcome

Discreet Options Available